• EPDM, EP, EPR (Ethylene Propylene):

EPDM is a terpolymer combining ethylene, propylene and a diene monomer, while EP is a copolymer of ethylene and propylene. Standard EPDM materials offer a broad temperature range and outstanding resistance to ozone, weathering, steam, water and phosphate ester type hydraulic fluids. All forms of this material (EP, EPDM and EPR) offer almost identical final properties, the difference between each being the method of manufacturing. Standard EPDM, EP and EPR are sulfur-cured and can be formulated to meet FDA guidelines. Other variations of the material can also be formulated meet more stringent high temperature steam service.

Temp Range:

  • -65F to + 300F

Common Physical Attributes:

  • Black in color if 70 duro
  • Other colors can be compounded upon volume special request
  • 70 +/- 5 Durometer (hardness rating)
  • Excellent Ozone, Air and UV resistance

Chemical Resistance:

  • Excellent resistance to Phosphate ester type hydraulic fluids

Not Recommended for use with:

  • Petroleum based lubricants, oils or solvents due to catastrophic swelling
  • Mineral oils due to catastrophic swelling