Neoprene® (Chloroprene or CR)

Chloroprene, normally identified as Neoprene® (a registered trade name of Dupont), was the first synthetic elastomer developed as an air AND oil resistant substitute for Natural Rubber. It has the unusual characteristic of being resistant to both petroleum lubricants and oxygen over a fairly broad temperature range, yet provides excellent flex, resilience and compression set performance.  A chlorinated polyisoprene material, it has good resistance to high-molecular weight oils, oxidising agents and to heat/flame.

Temp Range:

  • -40F to + 225F

Common Physical Attributes:

  • Black in color
  • 70 +/- 5 Durometer (hardness rating)
  • Excellent Ozone Resistance
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat/flame

Chemical Resistance:

  • Fairly resistant to wide variety of chemical environments

Not Recommended for use with: