Silicone (VMQ & PVMQ):

Silicone materials offer the broadest operating temperature range of any of the standard industrial synthetic materials. Combined with outstanding weather resistance, Silicone materials are used as often as static environmental seals. Silicone materials provide excellent resistance to sunlight, ozone, oxygen, UV light and moisture, and maintains compression set resistance at high temperature. Due to its inert qualities,  it is the preferred material for use with food handling and medical applications since it has no taste, odor and is 100% non-toxic. It however has very poor dynamic properties, thus is not recommend for non-static applications since Silicone offers poor tensile, tear and abrasion resistance.

Temp Range:

  • -85F to + 400F

Common Physical Attributes:

  • Red (rust) in color if 70 duro
  • Other colors can be compounded upon volume special request
  • 70 +/- 5 Durometer (hardness rating)
  • Excellent Ozone, Oxygen, sunlight and UV resistance

Chemical Resistance:

  • Food processing
  • Environmental contaminants
  • Resists fungi and bacteria

Not Recommended for use with:

  • Dynamic applications
  • Low Gas Permeability requirements